Industrial Grade Fabric Needle Felt Dust Collector Bag

Industrial Grade Fabric Needle Felt Dust Collector Bag
Weight: 500gsm
Diameter: 120-180mm
Thickness: 1.9mm
Length: 2000-8000mm
Surface treatment: singed on one side


Filter medium Bag filter ,fabrics filter for different industry pollution control,Bag filter  are carefully fabricated and sized to ensure ease of installation and change-out. Generally, dust collector Bag filter are designed to be mounted and gasket  firmly into place with a snap band, corded cuff, or clamp to ensure dust type seal.

Various coatings and finishing on the fabrics of the  Bag filter can be applied to either side of the  to enhance cleaning and efficiencies of dust collector system , as well as prolonging service life. Ground wire, anti-collapse rings, and other options can easily be incorporated into bag construction.  can custom fabricate various types of attachments to work with your specific requirements.

Bag filter, dust collector bag ,dust filter bag , dust bags, filter socks, – they all mean the same thing: An industrial grade fabric filter made from heavy duty material, all textile based, used in dust collecting systems, in either process filtration or pollution control.

The main type of dust filter bags including Nomex filter bag ,PPS filter bags ,P84 filter bag ,Polyimide filter bag ,PTFE filter bags ,Acrylic filter bags ,Polyester filter bags, dust filter bag ,bag filters, dust collector bags.

Applications of Dust Collector Bag Filter :

1 iron, steel mill, ferroalloy plant, refractory plant, foundry, power plant of flue gas dedusting system etc.

2 Wastes incinerator, coal fired boilers, fluid fluidized bed boiler flue gas filter etc.

3 Asphalt mixing, building materials, cement ceramic, lime and gypsum and other production sites.

4 Aluminum electrolysis, lead and tin, zinc, copper and other rare metal smelting gas filtering,superfine material recovery, liquid and solid separation.

Specifications of Dust Collector Bag Filter :

Media Weight(g/m2) Material
Surface treatment
Polyester filter felt 600g/m2 PE/PE 1.9 135 /150 singed on one side
Ployster,oil and water ,
dirt repellent finish filter
550g/m2 PE/PE 1.7 135 /150 singed on one side
oil  and  water  repellent  finish
cleanability  supporting  finish
Polyster+antistatic 550g/m2 PE/PE 1.7 135 /150 singed on one side , antistatic
PPS high-temperature resistant 550g/m2 PPS/PPS 1.7 190 /200 singed on one side
PTFE high-temperature
resistant corrosion prevention
700g/m2 PTFE/PTFE 1.2 260 /280 singed on one side , corrosion prevention
Polyster+PTFE membrance 550g/m2 PE/PE 1.7 135 /150 singed on one side,PTFE membrance
P84 high-temperature resistant 550g/m2 P84/P84 2.8 240 /260 singed on one side  corrosion prevention
 FMS high-temperature resistant 550g/m2 FMS/FMS 2.2 200 /200 singed on one side

Competitive Advantage of Dust Collector Bag Filter :

Bag filter Quality raw materials
High-end production facilities
Good sewing job
Strict QC
Experienced technical & production

Good Quality Industrial Polyester Dust Collector Filter Bag,Polyester filter bag

1 – Good quality polyester filter material made with advanced machinery

2 – Accordingly adjusted technical process

3 – Strict raw material control and products quality control

4 – Competitive price


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