PTFE Fiberglass Filter Bags Cement Plant

PTFE Fiberglass Filter Bags Cement Plant
Application: Cement Plant
Tinous Operation Temperature: 260 Degree
Mechanical Finish: EPTFE Member
Heat Resistance: Excellent
Thickness: 0.9 Mm
Acids And Alkails Resistance: Good


Among the various of kins of filter materials, fiberglass owns the best ability of heat-resistance, its maximum surge temperature can reach up to 260 degree and can hold a 260 degree operation temperature. Therefore, it is suitable for the high temperature gas filtration.

Detailed Product Description :

Fiber: Fiberglass Weight: 775g/m2
Thickness: 0.8±0.1mm Mechanical Finish: ePTFE Member
Typical Load@ Peak: MD: 220, XD: 120 KGF/25mm Liner Shrinkage @ 230 Degree: MD: 1%, XD: 1%
Maximum Operation Tempertion: 260 Degree Maximum Surge Temperature: 280 Degree
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent


1, Fiber: Fiberglass

2, Mechanical Finish: ePTFE member

3, Continous Operation Temperature: 260 degree

4, Maximum Surge Temperature: 280 degree

5, Mechanical Finish: ePTFE member

6, Application: Incerineration Flue Filtration


1, Excellent heat resistance.

2, Strong ability of resisting acids and alkails.

3, Poor hydrolysis resistance.

4, Good flame retardant, insulation, heat insulation, light stability, low coefficient of friction.


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