PTFE Membrane Fiberglass Filter Bags

PTFE Membrane Fiberglass Filter Bags
Filter Bag Media: Fiberglass Filter Bag
Type: Pulse Jet Filter Bag , Reverse Air Filter Bag
Working Temperature: 150 -260 Degree C
Size: 160 X 6000 , 152 X 5000 , 292 X 11000 ,etc.
Application: Carbon Black Plant , Iron Alloy Plant , Silicon Furnace
Other Application: Cement Plant , Cement Kiln


PTFE Fiberglass Filter Bags For Dust Collector  for Carbon Black Plant , Cement Plant ,  Metal smelting furnce filter , etc.

Regular Size : 290 mm x 100000mm ,  160 x 6000mm , 130 x 2450mm 

Applicaiton : Iron Alloy plant , silicon furnace , carbon black , cement plant , coal boiler , paper making plant , etc.

Woven Fiberglass Fabric Filter Bag :

Fiberglass filter cloth Filter Bags  are the optimum solution for dust collection systems with working temperatures 150- 260 degree °C. We develop and research the chemical finishing on the fiberglass filter cloth to fully utilize the chemical and physical function . It includes PTFE membrane , PTFE dipping , Graphite treatment , silicon treatment .Finished woven fiberglass bags are successfully used in Reverse air dust collection system , pulse jet bag filter dust collection system and shaking vibrating dust collecting system .

The applied industry including cement plant , carbon black processing , Silicon furnace , Ferrous Silicon Manganese smelting furnace , Coal Boilers , steel mill .


1. High temperature resistant , it can work for a long time under 260-280 °C.

2. Smooth surface is good for easy dust cake releasing , energy saving .

3. Steady size,non shrinking under proper temperature.

4. Intensity high, obstruction more than 99% code thickness.

Industrials Applications:

• Cement Plant

• Coal Boiler

• Wast incinerators

• Carbon black production

• Refineries

• Steel Mills


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