10 Micron 7″ x 32 ” Bag Filter Micron Filter Bags

10 Micron 7
Filter Felt: Polyester Filter Felt
Miron Rating: 10 Miron
Size: 180 X 810 Mm
Application: Bag Filter Housing For Filter Media
Filter micron: 0.5micon -300micron
Filter area: 0.25-0.5(m2)
Filter precision: 0.5-200(μm)


Filter media cloth micron rating : 0.5 Micron ,1 micron , 5micron, 10micron, 25micron, 50micron, 75micron, 100micron, 150micron, 200micron;
Mesh: 25 mesh , 50mesh , 80mesh , 100mesh , 125 mesh , 150 mesh , 200mesh , 250mesh , 300 mesh , 400 mesh , 600mesh , 800 mesh , 1000 mesh .
Filter bag sizes :
ECF 1 : 7″ X 17″ (180mm x 420 mm)
ECF 2 : 7″ X 32″ (180mm X 810 mm)
ECF 3 : 4″ X 9″ (102 mm X 230 mm)
ECF 4 : 4″ X 15″ (102 mm X 410 mm)

Liquid Bag Filter Application :

1. Water treatment:
Purification system for cooling equipments, oil-field flooding, soild free completion fluid filtration, condensation water purification for power station, wastewater treatment, pure water, condensation water, sea water desalinization, etc.

2. Chemicals:
Reclaiming catalyzer, acid, alkali, adhesive, lubricating oil, etc.

3. Car manufacturing:
Electrophoretic coating filtration, hardener filtration, solvent filtration, etc.

4. Alumtimber:
Phosphate bath filtration, reclaiming precious metals, etc.

5. Electronic industry:
Printed-wiring board, galvanizing baths, wafer treatment liquid filtration, etc.

6. Fine chemicals:
Detergent filtration, coconut oil scouring, etc.

7. Petrochemical industry:
Reclaiming oil, desulfidation of oil and gas, chloramine-T filtration, paint, resin, printing oil, etc.

8. Food and beverage:
Fruit jeice, beer, drinking water, suger, etc.

9. Pharmaceuticals industry:
Reclaiming GMP, vitamin extraction, reclaiming protein and activated carbon, etc

Product name: industrial liquid filter bag
Filter bag material: polypropylene(PP), polyester(PE), Teflon, etc, and other kinds of needled cloths; polypropylene, polyester, nylon and Teflon synthetic fiber monofilament filter cloth and multifilament filter cloth, etc.

Filter bag mouth ring material: stainless steel ring, PP ring and PE plastic ring.

Application :
Mainly used for: food and beverage, biological engineering and medicine, petroleum and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, petroleum and nature gas, electronic and electroplating, paint, coating, ink, nuclear electricity and thermal power and wastewater filtration, film production processing liquid filtration, daily chemical product liquid and gas purification, mechanical processing and refrigeration industry cooling liquid filtration, textile, dyeing and paper making liquid purification.


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