Asphalt Mixing Plant Dust Filter Nomex Filter Bags

Asphalt Mixing Plant Dust Filter Nomex Filter Bags
Specialty:Fire Retardant / High Temperature Resistant
Type Of Filter Bag:Snap Band Filter Bag
Application:Asphalt Mixing Site , Smelting Furnace Fumes Filtration
Weight: 500 Gsm / 550 Gsm / 450 Gsm
Temperature Resistant: 210 Degree C
Chemical Treatment:Water And Oil Repellent Treatment
Size:D 150 X 3060


Nomex Filterbags are mainly used in cement industry, asphalt industry, metallurgical industry and tobacco industry for flue gas purification.

Normal temperature operation filter bag:

· Polypropylene needle felt filter bag
· Polyester needle felt filter bag
· Water proof polyester filter bag
· Anti-static conductive polyester filter bag
· Carbon antistatic polyester filler bag
· Acrylic needle felt filter bagdus

High temperature filter bag:
· Aramid needle felt filter bag
· Nomex needle felt filter bag
· PPS (Polyphenylene Sulphide) filter bag
· P84 (Polyimide) filter bag
· PTFE needle felt filter bag
· Glass fiber woven bulk yarn filter bag
· Glass fiber needle felt filter bag
· Glass fiber woven filter bag

Continuous operating temperature is up to 200°C, instant service temperature is up to 240°C
Fire retardant performance is excellent
Corrosion resistance and alkali resistance is good
Excellent thermal stability, excellent abrasion resistance and flexural resistance   Hydrolysis resistance is poor, frequent SOx and vapor in flue gas or dew point will  greatly reduce its service life

Article Name Nomex needled felt
Ingredients Fiber 100% Nomex
Scrim 100% Nomex
Weight g/m2 500
Thickness mm 2.1
Density g/m³ 0.24
Permeability L/dm2.min 150
Tensile breaking
Warp ≥800
Weft ≥1000
Elongation @200N/5cm Warp <5
Weft <5
Maximum shrink
of 90 mins
Temperature(°C) 250
% ≤1
Service Temperature(°C) Continuous 200
Instant 240
Finishing Singeing, calendaring


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