Asphalt Mixing Plant Nomex Filter Bags

Asphalt Mixing Plant Nomex Filter Bags
Filter Bag Name:Nomex Filter Bag Meta Aramid Filter Bag
Filter Media: Nomex Filter Felt
Size Of Filter Bag: Diameter 150mmX Length3660mm
Application:Asphalt Mixing
Good Point:Cheaper In High Temperature Standby Filter
Application:Metal Melting Furnace Fume Filtration ,
Other Size:D 160 X L 3000 Mm , D 152 X L 4500mm , Make To Order


Asphalt Mixing Plant Nomex Filter Bags Filter  / Cages Dust Collector Filter bag , Asphatech Filter Media specially for asphalt mixing plant bag filter .

Nomex filter bag is the most popular dust collector filter bag for the Ashphalt mixing plant and steel plant sintering process . It will working in fumes temperature asphalt batching fumes 190 degree to 200 degree C , instant 240 degreen C . It is one of the most cost effective  high temperature resistant dust collector filter bag , which is cheaper and effective , with long working life up to 24 months .

Quick details: 

1.  Meta Aramid filter media is a high temperature resistant filter media.

The instant working temperature is 240 C degree, the operation working temperature <190 C degree.

2.  Application: Asphalt mixing, Quarrying, Lime, Gypsum, Cement, Foundries, smelting, Chemical.

3.  Good and strong tensile strength and good abrasion resistant function make it with the longer

working life.

Specifications :

Article Name Nomex Filtration Felt
Ingredients Fiber 100% Nomex
Scrim 100% Nomex
Weight g/m2 550
Thickness mm 2.1
Density g/m³ 0.24
Permeability L/dm2.min 150
Tensile breaking


Warp ≥800
Weft ≥1000
Elongation @200N/5cm Warp <5
Weft <5
Maximum shrink

of 90 mins

Temperature(°C) 250
% ≤1
Service Temperature(°C) Continuous 200
Instant 240
Finishing Singeing, calendaring

MainType of Nomex Filter Bags :

Pulse Jet Dust Filter Bag

Envelope Type Filter Bag

Snap Band top filter bag


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