Asphalt Mixing Plant Specially Applied Nomex Filter Bag

Asphalt Mixing Plant Specially Applied Nomex Filter Bag
Minimum Order Quantity: 300PCS
Finishing:Singeing, calendaring.Water and oil repellent treatment


Asphalt mixing plant specially applied   Nomex filter bag ,water repellent treatment .Nomex  filter bag  offer one of the best total economies in a filtration system because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperature resistant function ,and long wearing life .


1) Performs at high temperatures

Nomex filter bag  can be used continuously at operating temperatures up to 218°C (425°F) , and can handle higher temperature surges.

2) Resists flexing and abrasion

Flex resistance of Nomex filter bag at room temperature is good, about equal to that of polyester filter bags;

3) Effect of moisture

Nomex filter bag  performs well at high operating temperatures with normal amounts of moisture. The wear life projections in the below graphs were developed using 6-10% H20.

4) Dimensional Stability

Nomex filter bag ,Aramid filter bag  is one of the most dimensionally stable dust  filter bags  available. Fibers of Nomex properly manufactured and finished, should neither stretch nor shrink over 2% when operated at temperatures up to 218°C (425°F).

5) High temperatures

The most effective use of Nomex filter bag ,aramid filter bag is in high efficiency filtering systems  where effluent temperatures are above 250°F or in  systems with surges over 250°F. In hot gas filtration systems.

Filter bags, dust collector bag ,dust filter bag , dust bags, filter socks, – they all mean the same thing: An industrial grade fabric filter made from heavy duty material, all textile based, used in dust collecting systems, in either process filtration or pollution control.


Nomex filter bag for higher temperature dust filtration ,widely applied in Asphalt mixing plant ,cement Kiln smoke dust filtration in cement plant ,steel melting furnace smoke filtration and so on .

NOMEX filter bag  offer one of the best total economies in a filtration system because of higher air to cloth ratios, higher temperature capability, and a long working  life.


Article Name Nomex needled felt
Ingredients Fiber 100% Nomex
Scrim 100% Nomex
Weight g/m2 500
Thickness mm 2.1
Density g/m³ 0.24
Permeability L/dm2.min 150
Tensile breaking


Warp ≥800
Weft ≥1000
Elongation @200N/5cm Warp <5
Weft <5
Maximum shrink

of 90 mins

Temperature(°C) 250
% ≤1
Service Temperature(°C) Continuous 200
Instant 240
Finishing Singeing, calendaring.Water and oil repellent treatment


Competitive Advantage:


1.High Temperature resistant

2.Resists flexing and abrasion

3.Effect of moisture

4.Good chemical resistance

5.Dimensional Stability

6.Flame resistance


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