Pulse Jet PTFE Filter Bags For Metal

Pulse Jet PTFE Filter Bags For Metal
Type Of Filter Bag:Pulse Jet Filter Bag
Filter Media: PTFE 100%
Weight: 700 Gsm
Working Life: > 36 Months
Scrim: PTFE Scrim
Material:PTFE 750 – 1000gsm needle felt
Applications: Coal-fired boiler, waste incineration, carbon black, smelting, industry and chemical industry, etc.


PTFE filter bag for steel plant dust collector system,high temperature resistant. PTFE filter bag  is made by a three-dimensional and has a very strong high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical stability and good hydrolyzed resistance. It is easy to clean dust with its smooth surface, continuous working temperature 240°C, peak 260°C.

PTFE is more suitable for harsh conditions that require corrosion resistance and long service life of filtration materials, e.g. fume handling of coal-burning boilers, garbage incinerators, carbon black production and TiO2 production. It can be used in the process of initial metallurgy and refining for some metals as well as chemical production.

It widely used in steel, power, waste incineration flue gas filtration and other harsh environments.
Filter bags, dust collector bag ,dust filter bag , dust bags, filter socks, – they all mean the same thing: An industrial grade fabric filter made from heavy duty material, all textile based, used in dust collecting systems, in either process filtration or pollution control.

The main type of dust filter bags including Nomex filter bag ,PPS filter bags ,P84 filter bag ,PTFE filter bags ,Acrylic filter bags ,Polyester filter bags,dust filter bag ,bag filters,dust collector bags.


It widely used in Coal burning boiler , power plant , waste incineration flue gas filtration, garbage incinerator , Ti O 2 funrace filter , carbon black , metallurgy , chemical production  and other harsh environments


Series: PTFE 100%  750gsm
Material: PTFE 750 – 1000gsm  needle felt
Fibre: 100% PTFE staple fibre
Scrim: 100% PTFE scrim
Weight: 750 – 1,000g/m2 (customized)
Finishing: PTFE impregnation treatment, heat setting
Specifications:  Customized according to drawing / sample
Packaging: Polybag in cartons
Applications: Coal-fired boiler, waste incineration, carbon black, smelting, industry and chemical industry, etc.
Delivery Time: 7-45 days
Payment Terms: Can be negotiable

Below fiber performance index for your reference.

 Operating Temperature (°C, dry)  Abrasion Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance  Alkali Resistance Organic Acid Resistance Mineral Acid Resistance Oxidation Resistance (15%)
Teflon(PTFE)  240/ (280)  Excellent  Excellent   Excellent   Excellent

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